The Best in Cabinetry 2020, New Engineered Thermally Fused Laminates

To start with, these high performing engineered materials could possibly be the “greenest” option out there. They’re actually certified to be better than carbon neutral and also deliver the in-demand visuals of rare and fragile raw materials without having to harvest them.

Unlike natural wood, that expands and contracts with the temperature and moisture changes, the New Engineered Materials we use in manufacturing our cabinetry are Industrial Grade, CARB2 Compliant and Certified Moisture Resistant.  And the majority of our materials are made with 100% Recycled content.

Our Modern Full Access Cabinets will not warp, and they come with the most durable scrub, stain and household chemical resistance finishes there are.

Enjoy the realistic High Definition Wood Grain Textures, Fingerprint Resistant Matte finishes or the Ultra Chic High Gloss finishes, and still be the “greenest” option out there with a better over-all performance.

It seems a bit like wishing for the moon, but with One Source Cabinets and their new euro-1 European inspired Full Access cabinetry line, our customers wished for the stars and got it.

As the manufacturer of all our products, made in our Mesa, AZ or Colorado Springs, CO facilities, you can rest assured we don’t import from China and assemble cabinets, we make them.  And they truly are Affordable.

We are also a dual-licensed Residential and Commercial Contractor in Arizona with our own dedicated Design, Build and Installation teams. 

Call (480) 405-8774 today and schedule your complimentary design session for a Turn-Key solution to all your residential and commercial cabinetry needs.

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  1. after more review i did fact check your claims and they are 100% valid. I always thought Plywood was better, but found that was due the China imports all being sub standard plywood, to this day. Mass marketing of the plywood being superior from the Chinese import distributors, who did a good job and low balled all the U.S manufactured products while entering this industry. Now i see why the tariffs were imposed. Thanks for the education and better products

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