Filler Free Kitchen Designs

The Cabinet Industry Standard for sizing a Cabinets Height, Width and Depth is done in 3″ increments. Anything outside of the standard 3″ incremental sizes are “Custom”. Standard sizes typically require fillers, they’re costly and take another 2 – 3 weeks to build, if they can do it.

At euro1, we manufacture your cabinetry down to 1/4″ increments in Height, Width and Depth. Now you can virtually eliminate the need for fillers to meet space requirements and symmetric layouts with Base and Uppers. And of course, we can Design, Build & Install in 3 to 4 weeks at a very competitive price. You don’t need to compromise anymore!

You can order today!

Your Cabinets are “Built To Order“, that’s our New Standard, at no additional cost.  Our “Just In Time (JIT), manufacturing offers significant savings, and that’s what we pass on, not the high costs of maintaining inventory. Call (480) 681-1373 to schedule your complimentary Custom Design Today!

Check out our Gallery for inspirational ideas.

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