9 Ways to Design Your Master Bath For Max Storage

Modern Bathroom Design

  1. Upper cabinets that reach to the ceiling can offer lots of extra storage space, even in a not-huge bathroom.
  2. Extra-long Vanity– if you have space for it, why not fill it with an extra-long storage-packed vanity? ⁣
  3. Freestanding Shelving allows you to introduce color and texture along with extra storage. ⁣
  4. Built-in Storage Bench – perfect for stashing spare towels ⁣
  5. Bathtub-Adjacent Shelving – if you have a freestanding tub, consider adding open shelving nearby. ⁣
  6. Spa Storage– Think about adding a small changing area.⁣
  7. Dressing Room– Would creating a dressing area closer to the bathroom make getting ready more convenient? ⁣
  8. Dressing Table– Separate a pair of sinks to provide a serene spot to sit.
  9. Open Shelves to hold fresh towels or display decor. ⁣

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